Sofia - Head Office

At Head Office you can count on us for the long term developing a sustainable business solutions as well as for:

- Accounting services
- Payroll
- Financial audit
- Tax advisory and appealing tax audit acts
- Legal services  - consulting on commercial, tax, labor and administrative law
- Registration, acquisition, merger, takeover, spin-off and demerger of companies
- Assistance in collecting receivables from defaulting debtors
- Intellectual property defense
- Valuation of enterprise assets and liabilities

At  Head Office we fully understand the needs of our clients and  we are going beyond the traditional role of accountant, auditor and  legal  advisor - we are your personal business consultant.

We add to our expertise a personal attitude and an in-depth knowing of your business. We combine expert service with empathy to the uniqueness of every business and every client.

We keep the business relationship with transparent and ethical practices. Our team believes this is the way to build a business environment with high moral standards. We strive to exceed your expectations by applying in practice:

- An integrated approach to solving each task
- Proactivity  to achieve sustainable growth
- An absolutely transparent pricing policy
- Ideas for new opportunities for innovation and efficiency improvement
- Solutions to reduce financial risks and increase competitiveness
- High quality and compliance with delivery times


Naycho Tsanov str. 172


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