Accounting and Payroll software

For nearly 20 years Kreston BulMar has been developing and maintaining accounting and payroll software under the common name BulMar Office. In addition to the in-house use by the company in providing accounting services, our products are used by 2,000 accountants across the country.

In recent years in the field of software development we have focused on enabling our users (accounting firms) to do more business by streamlining the time needed for servicing their clients. We aimed to address 4 common problems accountants face:

  • Documents missing exactly when NRA requires them;
  • Piles of paper invoices which have to be re-entered;
  • Regular VAT preparation and planning on the evening of the 13th of each month;
  • Not enough time for learning about amendments in legislation.

The strengths of our products

What distinguishes the software products in the BulMar Office package from other products:

  • We are both the developers and practising accountants;
  • We provide tailored customer-based maintenance;
  • We deliver mandatory induction training;
  • We deliver regular further trainings;
  • We know each client in person.

The process of changing an accounting product may take a month but often such a change saves more than 3 months in the first year.


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