Join Our Franchise

The Kreston BulMar partnership programme started in 2010. Currently, it brings together more than 25 partners in over 20 cities all over Bulgaria, around ten of which are located in Sofia. Each partner manages an accounting office which is legally independent and shares the common brand, strategy, marketing, professional and ethical standards of the Group, while preserving its financial and administrative independence. Each of our offices belongs to the office network of Kreston International in more than 110 countries around the world and each partner is effectively a managing partner in the Kreston BulMar Group.

Benefits of the Kreston BulMar franchise partnership

  • More savings than expenses
    Each partner pays a token franchise fee and receives in exchange much greater savings from the information service costs only, not to speak of all other numerous benefits.
  • Immediate global recognition of professionalism
    By joining the Kreston BulMar Group, each partner is immediately granted the status of a managing partner within a global accounting and consulting company offering the full range of consultancy services.
  • Competitive advantage
    The opportunity for each client to receive a solution matched with the specific needs for a more successful development is a huge competitive advantage.
  • Growth opportunity
    The reputation, marketing, comprehensive services and reference clients of one of the largest consulting companies on the market make it much easier to attract larger clients.
  • Many peers rather than competitors
    In the Kreston BulMar Group, you can always rely on the professional opinion and support of dozens of experienced experts who are your peers rather than competitors, considering your success as part of the success of the whole group.
  • The whole knowledge in a shared system
    Our Intranet maintains the full range of professional periodicals and books, including publications on many topics outside the field of accounting, taxation and finances.
  • Continuous online trainings
    The staff of each partner is provided with continuous online trainings and lectures on taxation, accounting, payroll services, social security, commercial law, finances and master classes for comprehensive business consultants.
  • Our Accounting Academy
    We have been developing our own Accounting Academy with over 1,000 trainees since 2010. It is the source of human capital for all our partners.
  • Stronger staff motivation
    Every staff member receiving more professional trainings within a large and prestigious company is better motivated in his or her work and more loyal to the organization.
  • More automation of accounting work
    Kreston BulMar develops its software and processes all the time with a view to achieving maximum automation of accounting work. Each partner is free to use our know-how and tools for this purpose.
  • Compliance with the regulations
    The compliance with the ever increasing and more complicated regulatory requirements, such as the GDPR or the Anti-Money Laundering Act, is ensured at the group level and each partner feels secure for their business.
  • Open and fair relationships
    The franchise partnership is open and fair, without any upfront investment or termination fee. Thus each partner could feel certain that, in case of dissatisfaction of the partner, the contract could be terminated forthwith.

Whom is this proposal addressed to

Any sustainable accounting practice headed by a proven professional in our field is an eligible partner. We also support the start of proven professionals in our field who decide to establish their own private accounting and consulting practice.

None of our partners is a haughty, arrogant, selfish, unethical, intolerant, overbearing or non-professional person.


Yuri Stoyanov, franchise manager

  • 0878 350 000
  • Sofia, Naycho Tsanov str. 172

If you are the owner of an accounting company that has been stable over the years but faces increasing difficulties in its development, while you are willing to achieve sustainable growth and provide ever better services to ever larger and better quality clients, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have a tried and tested solution for you.