Transperancy Report

In compliance with the requirements of EU 8th Company Law Directive from 2008 and Article 40m of the Independent Financial Audit Act we publish our annual transparency report regarding the financial year ending on the 31st of December. The transparency report provides information about:

  1. Description of the legal, organizational and ownership structure of the registered auditor;
  2. Description of the network, legal and structural agreements within it;
  3. Description of the management structure;
  4. Description of the internal quality control system and a statement by the management body on the effectiveness of its functioning;
  5. The date when the last independent quality assurance review conducted by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Commission on Quality Assurance Reviews of the Activity of the Registered Auditors took place;
  6. List of public-interest entities audited by the registered auditor during the last financial year;
  7. Statement concerning the independence practices of the registered auditor;
  8. Statement on the participations of the registered auditor in the continuing education program, organized by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in compliance with Article 22 of the Independent Financial Audit Act;
  9. Total amount of the auditor’s incomes, including all separate respective amounts for services rendered and related to independent financial audits, like tax advices and other services not mentioned hereto;
  10. Information concerning the basis for the partners’ remuneration.


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