Information for Sofia

Sofia is the biggest city in Bulgaria and the 15th largest in the European Union. It is one of the most ancient capitals in Europe. The city has over 7000 years of history, dating back to the Neolithic era. It was established as a Thracian settlement with the name Serdika and later became part of the Roman Empire. Thanks to its location, the city rapidly became a significant Roman population centre. In 809 Han Krum added Serdika to the territory of the First Bulgarian State. Sofia became the capital of Bulgaria in 1879.

Sofia Municipality covers an area of about 1350 sq.m. and includes 38 populated areas with electrical and water-supply networks in place. Sofia Region has 22 more municipalities and its total area is over 8400 sq.m. The number of permanently residing citizens in the city is over 1.3 million. Many people from other regions also live, study and work in the capital. The city has many schools and prestigious internationally recognised universities, which provide the economy with specialists in different fields every year.

The transport infrastructure in Sofia is very well developed. Sofia is the most important railway juncture in the country. The biggest international airport in the Bulgaria is also in Sofia. The city has extensive networks of all types of land transport. The network of Sofia metro is dynamically developing and already provides comfortable and fast transport links to the centre and some more remote residential quarters.

All sectors of the economy are present in the capital and there are over 800 companies operating in the municipality. Construction and trade are developed too. The private sector is concentrated mainly in the fields of trade and services. The presence of many theatres, galleries, museums and landmarks from different ages are only part of the rich cultural life of the city and give a strong impetus to tourist services. In Sofia there are also many large consulting, accounting and auditing companies which offer services of highest quality. The headquarters of all government bodies are in Sofia. The great potential of the city attracts national and foreign investments and offers unlimited opportunities for starting up new business projects.