The accounting practice of Kreston BulMar Razgrad provides full accounting services to micro- and small businesses engaging in services, trade, and manufacturing, which operate domestically and abroad, including:

  • electric power generation; metal products and machines; dairy products; meat products; garments; window and door frames; agricultural crops – cereals and legumes; fruit growing; crop raising; livestock breeding; apiculture; printing;
  • services – customs agency services, automobile repair and transportation services in this country and abroad; forwarding; taxi services; construction works; excavation works; repair of electric appliances; courier services; intermediation; advertising; design services; garment tolling manufacturing; travel agency services; cash transfers; annual technical overhaul of light- and heavy-weight vehicles; garbage collection; cleaning services, hairdressers’;
  • healthcare centres and establishments; occupational medical centres;
  • media;
  • retail and wholesale trade in foods and industrial products domestically and abroad; trade in plant protection and veterinary products; automobile spare parts; spare parts for agricultural machinery and equipment; industrial equipment, machines and tools; garments; work overalls; fuels – gasoline, diesel, natural gas, methane; air conditioning equipment; e-stores;
  • restaurants and other public catering outlets.

We are guided by the understanding that a company’s financial statements are its true face seen by clients, suppliers, partners, creditors and owners. Therefore we are committed to assisting our clients and strive to present their financial position in the best way possible, in accordance with the applicable accounting standards, so as to enable them to maintain their trustworthiness which facilitates their business and growth.

We seek to structure and organise the accounting of each client in a way that allows them to receive reliable and understandable information which is needed for a timely and good decision-making process and for more successful business development.

Kreston BulMar Razgrad provides EU VAT refunding services.

Main services

  • Accounting services
  • Payroll Services
  • Tax Advisory

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Razgrad, Vardar str. 13

Kremena Petrova - managing partner

Our team

Kremena Petrova

Managing partner
  • Svetoslav Kolev

    Office coordinator
  • Petar Petrov

  • Hristina Glushkova

  • Darinka Stankova

    Payroll expert
  • Svetlana Miloradova

    Payroll expert
  • Sonya Karastoyanova

  • Blaga Kancheva

    Payroll expert
  • Viktoria Ivanova