Kreston BulMar Dobrich provides accounting services to micro-, small, and medium-sized enterprises. The office offers also services in the field of labour law, payroll, lending intermediation, registration of companies, VAT registration, and other administrative services.

Our pricing policy is flexible and open to the client, meeting the client’s individual needs and capabilities. Our services are equally accessible to both larger companies and smaller businessmen and natural persons.

Our staff members are young, ambitious, and educated professionals with hands-on experience in accounting and human resources, working continuously on the improvement of their professional competence. We rely on professionalism and responsible attitudes in our services. We offer effective ways of reducing costs and lawful and ethical tax reduction solutions. We help our clients reduce risks in their transactions. What we offer is flexible working solutions rather than excuses. We make our clients feel secure so as to focus on the development of their business without worrying about documents, inspections, deadlines, taxes, social security payments, contracts, and other administrative chores.

Our competence and professionalism are trusted by businesses in various economic sectors:

  • Agriculture and manufacturing;
  • Retail and wholesale trade in Bulgaria and abroad;
  • Construction and repair works;
  • Services in various spheres and public catering;
  • Pawnbrokers, transportation and forwarding services.

Main services

  • Accounting services
  • Payroll Services
  • Tax Advisory

Other services via Head Office


Dobrich, Tsar Simeon str. №52, ent. B, floor1, app.1

Emilia Georgieva - managing partner

Our team

Emilia Georgieva

Managing partner
  • Krastina Vasileva

  • Hristinka Pavlova

  • Irina Kiryakova

  • Sibel Mehmedova