The accounting practice of the Vidin office provides the full range of accounting services to micro- and small companies engaging mainly in transport, services and trade and operating both domestically and abroad.

  • We have huge experience in serving businesses providing transportation services on various markets.
  • We have years-long experience in EU VAT refunding services.
  • Our services include the registration of companies and the preparation of all documents needed for obtaining a license which is required for the national and international carriage of goods by road for hire or reward.
  • We provide CFO services to micro- and small companies which provide transportation services on various markets.

We are guided by the understanding that a company’s financial statements are its true face seen by clients, suppliers, partners, creditors and owners. Therefore we are committed to assisting our clients and strive to present their financial position in the best way possible, in accordance with the applicable accounting standards, so as to enable them to maintain their trustworthiness which facilitates their business and growth.

We seek to structure and organise the accounting of each client in a way that allows them to receive reliable and understandable information which is needed for a good decision-making process and for more successful business development.

Main services

  • Accounting services
  • Payroll Services
  • Tax Advisory

Other services via Head Office


Vidin, Krum Bachvarov complex, block 22, ent. G, floor 1, app. 73

Plamen Banishki - managing partner

Our team

  • Plamen Banishki

    Managing partner
  • Nelka Ivanova

  • Eleonora Ilieva