Tax and Accounting Review

Objective of the Review

The objective of the service is to make an express resource-efficient review, identifying all material issues in the accounting, taxation and financial indicators of a company, assessing the related risk and recommending measures to overcome them or to mitigate the harmful consequences.

The review covers the following aspects:

  • Analysis of all balances and turnovers to identify those that are of obscure origin or misrepresented;
  • Review of all accounts to identify untrue or non-typical entries which could lead to accounting errors, inaccurate taxation or distortions in the financial statements;
  • Review of the taxation of usual business activities and all large or non-typical transactions;
  • Review of the accounts of fixed assets and the inventory in view of their compliance with the applicable accounting standards and taxation;
  • Age analysis of all accounts receivable/debts and assessment of their actual affordability or their potential collection/repayment rates;
  • Review of the transactions with related parties;
  • Review of the accountability and tax treatment of loans borrowed from non-financial institutions and loans extended to third parties;
  • Analysis of the financial statements and financial indicators for the five most recent full fiscal years.

Scope of the Review

The review covers the current incomplete period and the preceding complete period and it is carried out from the perspective of the compliance with the Accountancy Act, the applicable accounting standards, the Corporate Income Tax Act, the Cash Payments Restriction Act, and the Ant-Money Laundering Act.

Report on the Review

The review ends with a report which outlines every problem identified, defines the related risk, and recommends options for resolving it or minimizing the harmful effect.

Time Limits for Completing the Review

The time limit for completing the review is three weeks as from the date on which the preliminary information package was received and access was provided to review, identify, analyze and report the possible problems outlined above.

Price of the Service

The price of the service is BGN 3,000 net of VAT.


Our team

Metodi Hristov

Managing partner Tax advisory

Metodi Hristov is a graduate of the University of National and World Economy. He started his career as bookkeeper and from 2011 to 2015 he worked as a senior revenue inspector at the Tax Audit department of NRA, where he gained vast experience in taxation. In 2015 he joined the Kreston BulMar team and since 2016 has been a Managing Partner in the accounting practice of the company. He has tens of professional publications and over 20 delivered seminars on taxes and accounting. He has gained vast experience in tax consultancy.

Metodi Hristov was born in Sofia. He exercises at the gym or swims regularly and he often hikes in the mountains. He is interested in literature on personal development and theatre plays.