Payroll Services

We provide accurate payroll calculations and timely payment of the staff remuneration as this is crucial for their trust in the employer.

We provide ongoing professional advice on how to structure the organization of labour and working time so that to ensure the most efficient solution for the employer in accordance with the Labour Code. We also provide information on all possible staff payroll-related tax concessions.

We prepare detailed reports, reviews and recommendations on the need for measures to reduce sick-leave costs and compensations for unused leave.

We make a detailed financial analysis of the remuneration budgets vertically (employees, mid- and senior management) and horizontally (production and structural units) in order to determine the efficiency at each level or unit and take measures to increase labour efficiency and productivity.

We provide advice in instances of anticipated sharp rise or decline in the staffing levels, which always entails advance planning and budgeting of the process.

We ensure maximum ease for the employer in the process of administering, calculating and paying the remuneration to the staff members.

We guarantee 100% confidentiality and compliance with the GDPR.

Our Experience

We provide services to companies in all sectors with headcount from several employees to over 1,000 staff members, including manufacturing, commercial and service companies.

We have vast experience with various labour organization patterns with one, two and three shifts of work, with continuous production process, with daily or total working time clocking, night and overtime work at one or multiple locations.

We provide perfect calculation of the remuneration for all categories of work with complex bonus systems and incentives, for all kinds of compensations and all types of contracts – employment, services and management contracts, including fixed-term, permanent, and seasonal contracts.

Our clients include:

KOSTAL, Forever 21, Turkish Airlines, The Mall, TeleStar, Dynaphos, MAN Track & Bus, Golden Rose, Sofia Ring Mall, Petroceltic, DILIOS, Micro Optics, IVECO Leasing

The Price

The price of the service depends on the number of staff, the organization of working time, the way remuneration is calculated, and many other factors. The payroll processing of twenty employees with a standard daily working time reporting starts from BGN 250 monthly, net of VAT.