Payroll and Social Security Review - Head Office

Objective of the Review

The objective of the service is to provide an express resource-efficient review of the company’s compliance with the labour legislation, which identifies all material issues, makes an assessment of the related risk, and recommends measures to overcome them or to mitigate the harmful consequences.

The review covers the following aspects:

  • Analysis of the company’s operations, the type and structure of the staff, and the availability of the mandatory internal regulations, journals and books with the employer;
  • Review of the employment files of the staff members to identify omissions or availability of documents that are not to be kept by the employer;
  • Review of all internal regulations for their compliance with the statutory requirements, including the following: Internal Work Regulations; Internal Payroll Regulations; Regulations on the Safety at Work; Regulations on the Organization and Conduct of Employee Briefing Sessions; Personal Data Protection Rules and Policies; Orders and all other documents which relate directly to employment relationships;
  • Review of the records from the employee briefing sessions for their compliance with the statutory requirements to their conduct and reporting;
  • Review of the journals used to monitor work books, overtime records and sick leave notes for their compliance with the statutory requirements;
  • Analysis of selected payroll records to check whether remuneration and social security contributions are calculated correctly.

Scope of the Service

The review covers the existing employment contracts for their compliance with the Labour Code, the Health and Safety at Work Act, the Social Security Code, and the related implementing regulations and the GDPR.

Report on the Review

The review ends with a report which outlines every problem identified, defines the related risk, and recommends options for resolving it or minimizing the harmful effect.

Time Limits for Completing the Review

The time limit for completing the review is three weeks as from the date on which the preliminary information package was received and access was provided to review, identify, analyse and report on the activities outlined above.

Price of the Service

The price of the services ranges from BGN 1,500 to BGN 3,000 net of VAT, depending on the size of the company.


Our team

Georgi Dimitrov

Managing partner Payroll

Georgi Dimitrov joined the Kreston BulMar team in 2003. As of 2009 he is the Managing Partner of the Payroll service department in Kreston BulMar. He has over 800 professional publications and has lectured in over 150 seminars concerning the labour and social security legislation. He has acquired vast payroll experience while working with companies that operate in various fields and with large numbers of employees.