Payroll and Social Security Advisor - Head Office

Objective of the Service

The objective of the service is to provide resource-efficient subscription for ongoing payroll and social security advice to be used at any time. A more extensive assignment, if needed, is to be paid separately.

Scope of the Service

  1. Implementation of the labour legislation – issues concerning the implementation of the Labour Code and the related acts, such as conclusion and termination of employment contracts; selection of employment relationship – fixed-term contract, contract for an indefinite term, or another type of contract; legal grounds for terminating an employment contract; preparation of work schedules; work time clocking; calculation of remuneration, compensations and other work-related payments; terms and conditions for the use of paid and unpaid leave; types of additional and other employment-related payments – regular and one-off payments; disciplinary penalties; protection against dismissal; right to compensation, etc.;
  2. Implementation of the social security legislation – issues concerning the implementation of the Social Security Code and the related acts, such as social security schemes for persons working on the basis of employment and services contracts, management and supervision contracts, self-employed persons; size and distribution of social security contributions between employees and employers; calculation of income for social security purposes and of the remuneration elements included in the calculation; entitlements to sick leave, maternity leave, and paternity leave; starting, suspending and terminating individual social security schemes; minimum and maximum income level for social security purposes, etc.;
  3. Calculation of the personal income tax base – issues concerning the implementation of the PIT Act and the related acts, such as taxable and non-taxable income of people working on the basis of employment and services contracts, management and supervision contracts and self-employed persons; rules for the preparation of payment statements and declarations issued by employers or income payers to natural persons under all types of contracts, etc.
  4. Implementation of all other pieces of legislation relating to the labour and social security legislation.

Time Limits for the Provision of the Service

  • Telephone consulting – immediately, if possible, but not later than two hours after the calls or within 15 minutes in an emergency;
  • E-mail consulting – not later than the end of the working day following the day of receipt of the inquiry.

Price of the Service

The monthly price of the service is BGN 150 net of VAT. The scope, time limits and payment of any additional assignments to the service are to be agreed separately.


Our team

Georgi Dimitrov

Managing partner Payroll

Georgi Dimitrov joined the Kreston BulMar team in 2003. As of 2009 he is the Managing Partner of the Payroll service department in Kreston BulMar. He has over 800 professional publications and has lectured in over 150 seminars concerning the labour and social security legislation. He has acquired vast payroll experience while working with companies that operate in various fields and with large numbers of employees.

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