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Our legal practice, known on the market under the Legalex brand, is specialised in the provision of legal services to small, medium- and large-sized companies operating in different industries – manufacturing, banking and the financial sector, wholesale and retail trade, services, etc.

In studying every case we are highly involved and work with precision, in order to study the smallest details that could prove critical for success.  

Our values do not allow us to create unrealistic or false expectations regarding the resolution of a given case in order to receive an assignment by a client.

Our standard of work when providing legal services  is to be proactive and ingenious, to offer workable solutions, to perform on time and in a professional manner all of our engagements and to report on our work and progress on a specific task on a regular basis.

In our relationships with our clients we always use understandable language because their understanding of our work and the solutions we offer are essential for a successful outcome.  

As part of a consultancy group, which provides us with  the multi-disciplinary knowledge needed for resolving a variety of legal cases, we always take into consideration the tax, financial, accounting and other effects stemming from the solution we are offering, so that our clients can get the best in every respect.

The legal services in which we are highly experienced are:
• consulting on commercial, tax, labour and administrative law;
• preparation of all types of contracts or associated opinions;
• representation before civil and arbitration courts in commercial, tax, labour and administrative proceedings;
• participation and representation in business negotiations and disputes;
• consulting and representation for settlement of labour disputes;
• registration, acquisition, merger, takeover, spin-off and demerger of companies;
• assistance in collecting receivables from defaulting debtors;
• consulting on protection from creditors and declaring bankruptcy;
• legal assistance abroad;
• consulting on purchase and sale or establishing rights in real estate and any other assets;
• many others.

We work with our clients on a subscription basis and ad-hoc in emerging cases.  

We provide 100% compliance with GDPR and the Personal Data Protection Act.

Besides the highly professional legal team, the Head Office of Kreston BulMar has excellent accountants, tax experts, auditors, financial and business consultants who have worked together for years and are extremely effective in finding any business solutions that require simultaneously legal, accounting, tax, financial, and business perspectives and expertise.



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