Legal Services

We examine every legal case very thoroughly and make an in-depth analysis of each and every minute detail because it might turn out to be crucial for the ultimate success.

In our communication we use a language that is comprehensible to our clients because their understanding of our work and the solutions we propose is the key to success.

We are always proactive, ingenious and original, we suggest working solutions and perform all our assignments professionally and within the agreed time limits. The progress on each assignment is reported regularly.

Being a member of a consulting group, we always apply a multidisciplinary approach to the individual legal cases, taking into consideration all tax, financial, accounting and other effects so that the solution our clients receive is the best from all perspectives.

We never create unrealistic or false expectations regarding the outcome of a given case in order to elicit an assignment by a client.

Our Experience

We provide services to small, medium-sized and big companies in all industries with revenue ranging from several hundred thousand to close to 100 million BGN, including manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade, services, banking and financial sector, and many others.

The legal services in which we are highly experienced are as follows:

  • Commercial, tax, labour and administrative law;
  • Drafting of all types of contracts and agreements and participation in negotiations;
  • Appeals against all types of administrative acts.


Kreston BulMar provides legal services through its specialized law office Legalex. Legalex is the trademark for legal services owned by Kreston BulMar.

Some of our clients:

Ziraat Bank, ХИПОЛЕНД, KOSTAL, Forever 21, SAF Holland, Timac Agro, OfficeMarket,, ТАНГРА, Sofita, Data Core

The Price

Services are provided on a subscription or case-by-case basis. The monthly price of subscribed services ranges from several hundred to several thousand BGN, depending on the scope of the assignment, the complexity and multidisciplinarity of the cases, and many other factors.