Legal Advisor - Head Office

Objective of the Service

The objective of the service is to provide resource-efficient subscription for ongoing legal advice. A more extensive assignment, if needed, is to be paid separately.

Scope of the Service

  1. General consulting in the following fields of law:
    • Commercial law – business transactions, relationships between partners, incorporation and reorganization of companies, purchase and sale of shares or a going concern, etc.;
    • Property law – ownership rights to movable and immovable property, purchase and sale, pledges, mortgages, liens, distraint, etc.;
    • Labour law – conclusion and termination of employment and services contracts, compensations due, working conditions, etc.;
    • Administrative law – general advice in appeals against penalty orders issued by controlling or regulatory authorities, such as the NRA, NSA, CPDP, traffic law enforcement authorities, etc.;
    • Business regulations – regulatory acts in various industries, including anti-money laundering measures, personal data protection, etc.
  2. Notification of changes in the company, which are subject to entry into the Commercial Register, including the following:
    • Change of a manager, seat of business or name;
    • Disclosure of annual financial statements or announcement of invitations to creditors, including the drafting of the relevant documents.
  3. Incorporation of single-member limited liability subsidiaries.
  4. Monthly newsletter on the latest amendments to the commercial and corporate legislation.

Time Limits for the Provision of the Service

  • Telephone consulting – immediately, if possible, but not later than two hours after the calls or within 15 minutes in an emergency;
  • E-mail consulting – not later than the end of the working day following the day of receipt of the inquiry.

Price of the Service

The monthly price of the service is BGN 250 net of VAT. The scope, time limits and payment of any additional assignments to the service are to be agreed separately.