Intellectual property

In Kreston BulMar we believe that as being at the root of innovation and growth, good ideas are the only sustainable competitive advantage and deserve the best protection.

Your ideas, your progress and your future are very important to us. That is why we strive to give you the best support to develop your creative potential and to become more competitive in your work by protecting your intellectual property and finding ways to earn from it.

We encourage ethical business in Bulgaria by helping you share your ideas without fear of infringement, use them lawfully, and avoid breaches of third parties' legal rights.

1. Cyber law

интернет право

The world has already digitalized. Customers are just as busy as merchants, and rely on communication tools more than ever. Nowadays, they have a huge choice of what to buy, how and whom to buy it from. Competition and expectations gain unprecedented proportions, inversely proportional to patience and tolerance to any inconvenience. Hence, the positioning of each business on the Internet is essential to its success.

The evolution of electronic technology and online business is not just a new fashion trend, but the future.

Our services

  • Consultations on various matters concerning regulatory requirements for online trading
  • Protection against Intellectual Property infringements online
  • Consultations on Intellectual Property transactions of Information Technology products and services
  • Domain name protection against Cybersquatting

Our clients

Our portfolio of services is dedicated to facilitate business conditions for entrepreneurs in the field of online trade and Internet technologies. They may include merchants selling their goods in online stores, authors (and holders of related rights, a.k.a. neighboring rights) who provide their services, promote and sell their works electronically, software developers, and legal entities who provide their services in electronic way.

2. Industrial Property Protection

индустриална собственост

Our work in the field of industrial property is focused at entrepreneurs, whose key driving force is the new, the different and the innovative. We strive to provide high-quality intellectual property protection services by supporting business people to materialize their ideas, to make income from them, and anticipate the potential risks they might face.

What do we do

  • Trademarks (preliminary research, registration, protection against infringement, monitoring)
  • Industrial Designs (preliminary research, registration, protection against infringement, monitoring)
  • Protection of new plant varieties and animal breeds (preliminary research, registration, protection against infringement)
  • Intellectual property assets management in terms of mergers, acquisitions and license transactions
  • Unfair competition

Our clients

Our clients are both long-standing companies which are mature in terms of business and start-up businesses, whose main motive is to highlight their products and services as quickly as possible. Their foresight and creativity makes them identify the added value in everything, meet boldly the moderate risk and pay attention to important details.

3. Copyright and Related Rights Protection

защита на авторски права

Protecting copyright and related (a.k.a. neighboring) rights is important for people and companies who live to produce, to shape the world as a more inspiring place, to create because of others. We believe that the courage to create is among the highest values of any society and we support our customers in their quest for recognition, decent remuneration and motivation to do their best.

Our services

  • Research, analysis and consultations relating to the exercise of copyrights and related rights
  • Preparation, review and revision of copyright and related rights settlement contracts;
  • Consultancy relating to employment relations and civil law matters, referring to the creation, transactions and transfer of copyrights and related rights
  • Protection against infringement of copyright and related rights

Our clients

Our services are beneficial both to the creators of original works and the representatives of businesses that assign, support and encourage the creation of original works.

In the means of law, copyrights arise for the author or the holder of related (a.k.a. neighboring) rights. However, very often in practice, copyrighted works are assigned and custom-made, to serve One's particular needs. The lack of a fair prior agreement between the parties constantly occurs to limit the assignor's ability to acquire any copyrights on the work, though they have assigned the creation of the work and covered the whole cost and the subsequent expenses. In some cases, it may result in assignor's liability to pay injustifiably high price to the author (i.e. assignee) for an assigned work. The assignor might even be suspended to use the work, albeit it has been created specifically for them.

Our professional ethics binds us not to encourage unfair practices neither with respect to the creators of original works, nor with respect to the assignors of custom-made original works.