Incorporation Of Companies

Objective of the Service

This service is designed for newly registered companies with two or more partners or shareholders for whom it is crucial right from the outset to negotiate and agree on all possible future relationships which could otherwise lead to serious conflict and failure of the whole business.

Potential conflict might arise in future in any of the following situations:

  • convention and conduct of a general meeting: who convenes it, how it is convened, where it is convened, how partners are notified and many other details that need to be considered so as to prevent the conduct of general meetings intended to injure an individual partner or a group of partners;
  • decision-making process on various important issues: procedures, majority requirements, protection of partners with a certain share of the capital (higher or lower than a fixed percentage or amount), etc.;
  • definition of the commitments or roles of partners in the management of the company and the consequences or penalties for non-performance;
  • can a partner be expelled and how is it to be done so as to prevent any speculation with this option in a possible hostile takeover by a partner acting in bad faith;
  • profit distribution in accordance with the share of the capital and/or the contribution to the management and/or the contribution to the profit;
  • withdrawal of a partner and settlement of the relationships with him or her;
  • conditions or options for buyout of the shares of an individual partner: procedure, pricing of shares, etc.;
  • a number of other potential risks of conflict.

Advantages of the Service

When a company is incorporated, vast experience is needed to anticipate all possible problems in future.

We have a track record of more than 20 years of experience in the incorporation of companies and initial settlement of possibly problematic relationships, which gives us confidence that we are able to predict and settle all of them.

Sometimes the incorporation of a company is a complicated process not only from the legal perspective but also from the tax and financial perspective because, if other companies are involved with their property or assets, there occurs the risk of negative tax and financial effects for them, depending on the way in which the company was incorporated.

Our cohesive teams of lawyers and tax and financial experts are capable of planning and implementing any complex incorporation so as to rule out any negative tax or financial effects for the companies which take part in the incorporation.

Price of the Service

The price of the service depends on the volume and complexity of the possible relationships to be settled and therefore it may reach thousands of BGN. When compared to the possible future problems, this upfront investment is among the best to be made.


Our team

Slavi Mikinski

Managing partner Legal services

Slavi Mikinski has a Master’s degree in Law from the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, and since 2006 has been a member of the Sofia Bar Association. He specialised in American Institutions and Law at Tulane University, USA and in American Business Law at Texas University, USA. Since 2009 he has been chairman of the Sofia Court of Arbitration. Since 2004 he has been part of the team of LEGALEX and his professional competence covers the areas of commercial, tax, labour, insurance and property law. Working languages – Bulgarian and English.

Slavi Mikinski was born in Veliko Tarnovo. He is married with two children. He loves to travel. In his spare time he exercises and reads.