Financial Audit

We provide an independent and fair professional assessment of the accuracy of the financial statements of the company with a view to protecting the interests of its owners, helping the management improve accountability, and assuring its creditors and counterparties in the reliability of the company.

In this context, we carry out comprehensive audit procedures to assess:

  • the reliability of the IT systems;
  • the implementation of business processes and their correct accounting;
  • the compliance with the existing legislation and the applicable accounting standards;
  • the efficiency of internal controls;
  • the accuracy of the taxes charged;
  • the truthfulness of all items in the financial statements, including revenue, expenditure, accounts receivable, debts, fixed assets, inventory, etc.;
  • possible abuse, material errors or fraud.

In the course of the financial audit, we apply a tailor-made approach and provide specific and timely recommendations on how to improve the organization and accountability of each audited unit. Thus we help managers, investors and creditors maximize the benefit from our work with insights on how to improve the accountability, controls and key activities of their company.

As well as the audit report, we prepare the following documents for the purposes of the corporate management:

  • A report with our findings and recommendations on how to overcome the issues observed;
  • A financial due diligence report on the key indicators with recommendations on their improvement.

Our Experience

We audit only market operating small, medium-sized and big companies in all industries, including manufacturing, commercial and service companies.

We do not audit state-owned and municipal enterprises, banks and insurance companies, pension funds and companies which do not operate under market conditions.

We have vast experience in the financial audit of projects under EU programmes.

Our clients include:

BTL Industries, V-GAS, Smart Energy Group, Bianchi Coffee, Lindstrom, Scholly Optix, Hotel Sense, Expat Capital, LPP Fashion, Alliance Print, O+, Unicart

The Price

The price of the service ranges from several thousand (for small companies) to sever-al tens of thousands of BGN (for big companies), depending on the industry, size and structure of the company, the related risks, the number of audited units, and a number of other factors.


Our team

  • Manuela Chonkova

    Audit director
  • Elizabet Petkova

    Financial audit manager
  • Ekaterina Koleva

    Financial audit assistant
  • Мария Димитрова

    Financial audit assistant
  • Аделина Александрова

    Financial audit assistant