Data Protection Officer (DPO) - Head Office

Objective of the Review

The objective of the service is to provide at a resource-efficient subscription price:

  • A qualified expert to be designated as a data protection officer (DPO) and notified to the Commission for Personal Data Protection (CPDP);
  • Ongoing advisory service with regard to personal data processing and protection. In cases of real need for communication with natural persons or the CPDP in relation to the processing of personal data, this service is paid separately.

Scope of the Service

  • Designation and notification of a qualified expert as a data protection officer who will represent the contracting authority before natural persons and the CPDP;
  • General oral and written advice on issues relating to the personal data processing and protection with a view to reaching an understanding of the potential risks and opportunities in the specific context of the contracting authority.

Price of the Service

The monthly price of the service is BGN 250 net of VAT. The scope, time limits and payment of any additional assignments to the service are to be agreed separately.

Time Limits for Completing the Review

  • Designation of a data protection officer and notification before the CPDP – within three days of the date on which the contract was concluded;
  • Telephone consulting – immediately, if possible, but not later than two hours after the calls or within 15 minutes in an emergency;
  • E-mail consulting – not later than the end of the working day following the day of receipt of the inquiry.

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