Chief Intellectual Property Officer - Head Office

The Issue

Each company holds at least several intellectual property objects, regardless of the extent to their registration. Intellectual property is typically the asset that brings the highest added value to the company and helps it move to a higher level.

Objective of the Service

The objective of the service is to provide at a resource-efficient subscription price a qualified expert in the field of intellectual property, who is available for ongoing advice with regard to all intangible assets held by the company and their development.

Scope of the Service

  1. Initial review and analysis of the existing intangible assets of the company (status, protection and development opportunities);
  2. Monitoring of expiring periods of registered intellectual property;
  3. General oral and written advice on the following:
    • statutory requirements to the provision of e-services or e-commerce;
    • legal relationships with suppliers, subcontractors and clients in an online business;
    • creation, use and protection of a trademark or appearance of a product (industrial design);
    • creation, dissemination or use of know-how;
    • registration of new plant varieties and animal breeds;
    • infringed intellectual property rights and unfair competition;
    • emergence, exercise and protection of copyright and related rights;
    • management of the company’s intangible assets, including the transfer of rights to intellectual property objects;
    • protection of domain names.

Time Limits for the Provision of the Service

Telephone or e-mail consulting – not later than the end of the working day following the day of receipt of the inquiry.

Advantages of the Service

The good intellectual property management requires in-depth knowledge in the field of intellectual property rights, commercial law, contractual law, international private law, as well as in the financial and tax effects of transactions in intellectual property rights, which our big multidisciplinary team has.

Price of the Service

The monthly price of the service is BGN 250 net of VAT. The scope, time limits and payment of any additional assignments to the service are to be agreed separately.