Chief Accounting Officer/ Financial Officer

Objective of the Service

The objective of the service is to provide the best possible chief accounting officer and/or chief financial officer for the company at the best possible price because 95% of the companies in Bulgaria suffer from the shortage of such experts, which is due to their limited number and high remuneration.

Scope of the Service

  • Methodological guidance of the accounting department to ensure correct, efficient and timely accounting;
  • Correct and timely preparation of the requisite financial and managerial reports and statements;
  • Continuous monitoring of the financial indicators and comparison to the competitors;
  • Drafting of revenue and expenditure budgets and funding justifications;
  • Preparation of interim and annual financial statements and of the annual tax return;
  • Assistance in the analysis of the financial statements and the financial decision-making process.

Price of the Service

The monthly price of the service starts from BGN 2,400 net of VAT. The specific amount depends on the size of the company and the scope of the assignment of the chief accounting officer and/or chief financial officer.

Advantages of the Service

  • An external chief accounting officer and/or chief financial officer has much higher expertise and diverse experience which are continuously enhanced because of the continuous training, diverse clients and complicated cases which constitute the daily work of a consulting company.
  • An external chief accounting officer and/or chief financial officer is able to identify any possible problems much earlier and is much more ingenious in finding solutions thanks to the daily communication with peers and experts in various fields and with various experience.
  • An external chief accounting officer and/or chief financial officer costs much less and, at the same time, brings much higher added value in comparison to a full-time officer because an in-house employee is faced with a number of limitations in gaining diverse and useful professional knowledge and experience.


Our team

Vasil Pantev

Managing partner Accounting services

Vasil Pantev holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Accounting. He joined the Kreston BulMar team in early 2016. He works as an assistant auditor and accountant and in 2017 he was appointed Knowledge Manager. He has many professional publications and has delivered seminars in accounting.

Vasil was born in Stara Zagora, has three brothers and sisters. In his spare time he exercises, reads and engages in outdoor activities.