Buyout of a Business

The Issue

More often than not, the development of a business reaches a stage at which it needs a strategy to buy out direct competitors or smaller companies in the same industry.

The first set of questions arising in the buyout of competitors or smaller players in the industry are whether the deal will ensure the intended market share, higher efficiency and the expected return on the investment.

The second set of questions is whether the actual assets and liabilities to be acquired correspond to the statements and whether there is an overestimation of assets and underestimation of liabilities.

Often after the acquisition of a company it turns out to have so many problems as to render the benefits of the acquisition senseless.

Objective of the Service

The objective of the service is to provide everything that an investor needs in the buyout of a company, starting from the in-depth investigation of the company, through the establishment of the price and the negotiations on all terms and conditions of the transaction, to the final acquisition agreement, payment and takeover of the management.

Advantages of the Service

We have cohesive teams of business advisors, auditors, lawyers, tax and financial experts who can participate in the implementation of an acquisition of a company from the original concept to its successful completion.

Price of the Service

The price of the service may range from several thousand to several tens of thousands of BGN, depending on the complexity and value of the deal.


Our team

Emil Popov

Group managing partner

Emil Popov has a Master’s degree in Financial Management. He is the founder of the practice of Kreston BulMar in Bulgaria in 1996. He has profound knowledge of finance, accounting, taxes, law and corporate management. He has hundreds of professional publications and trainings on accounting, taxes, finance and management. In his over 20-year professional career he has gained vast experience in resolving complicated business cases, restructurings, mergers and acquisitions of companies of different size and from different industries. Since 2014 he has been member of the Management Board of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.