Business Valuations

The Issue

When transactions are concluded for the purchase or sale of assets or companies, the two parties typically need an independent expert valuation given by a third party which can assess the value of the asset or company objectively and in several alternative ways.

The justification of the value of a transaction between two parties, especially if they are related, often needs an objective and well-grounded independent expert valuation to be submitted to an interested third party (e.g. the National Revenue Agency).

To ensure the accuracy of financial statements, national and international accounting standards envisage valuation of all assets and liabilities of enterprises from time to time so that to prevent any discrepancy between their book value and market value.

Objective of the Service

The objective of the service is to meet the needs of markets and regulations by providing unbiased, fair, and justified business valuations of the following items:

  • Enterprises;
  • Machines and equipment;
  • Real estate;
  • Farmland and perennials;
  • Intellectual and industrial property rights and other actual relationships;
  • Receivables;
  • Actuarial valuations of employers’ debts under the Labour Code and IFRS 19.

Advantages of the Service

A business valuation is not just a mechanical application of theoretical valuation methods. With a view to ensuring that the valuation is most objective and useful to the parties concerned, the valuator must have professional knowledge of the items to be valued.

Every valuation that we offer is made by an expert in the relevant professional field to ensure maximum fairness and justification of the final conclusion.

Our cohesive team consists of highly experienced business valuators who are experts in all fields needed for a valuation.

Price of the Service

The price of the service may range from several hundred to several thousand or even tens of thousands of BGN, depending on the size and complexity of the items or relationships to be valued.


Our team

Emil Popov

Group managing partner

Emil Popov holds a master’s degree in Financial Management and founded Kreston BulMar’s practice in Bulgaria in 1996. He has a deep understanding of finance, accounting, tax, law, and corporate management. He is a certified appraiser of commercial enterprises and intellectual property.

With a track record of hundreds of professional publications and accounting, tax, financial, management and leadership courses, Emil Popov has had a 25-year-long career, during which he amassed significant experience in solving complex business problems, restructurings, and mergers and acquisitions for various enterprises in several industries.

He has been a member of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry since 2014.