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Every business in its development faces or encounters different and serious challenges that require creative professional solutions based on vast experience acquired over many years.

Every serious problem that a business needs to resolve usually has different professional aspects and affects the interests of various parties.

A complex business challenge most often affects:
• the following professional aspects: financial, legal, tax, accounting, organisational;
• the interests of: owners, managers, employees, partners, clients, suppliers, regulators.

In order to resolve such business challenges the business consultant needs multi-disciplinary knowledge or a multi-disciplinary team, combined with vast experience in resolving complex cases involving many stakeholders and possible effects.

The expertise and experience of Kreston BulMar’s team in business consulting covers the following areas:
• assessment and competition analysis of a business;    
• sale and acquisition of a business;
• business mergers and takeovers;
• business spin-offs and spin-outs;
• business restructuring;
• financing and refinancing of transactions and projects;
• design of strategy and business planning;
• analysis of income and expenses for building a sustainable development model;
• setting development and growth indicators;
• implementing a methodology for measuring development and growth indicators;
• management and leadership;
• improving the organisational structure and processes;
• change management;



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Emil Popov

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Emil Popov

Managing partner Business advisory

Emil Popov has a Master’s degree in Financial Management. He is the founder of the practice of Kreston BulMar in Bulgaria in 1996. He has profound knowledge of finance, accounting, taxes, law and corporate management. He has hundreds of professional publications and trainings on accounting, taxes, finance and management. In his over 20-year professional career he has gained vast experience in resolving complicated business cases, restructurings, mergers and acquisitions of companies of different size and from different industries. Since 2014 he has been member of the Management Board of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.