Accounting services

We provide fast processing of business operations and prepare the monthly financial statements and managerial reports needed by the management within short time limits.

We provide all the necessary current accounting, tax, financial and business advice so that the best managerial decisions can be made.

After the end of each fiscal year, we prepare thorough due diligence of the financial state-ments and the dozens of financial indicators, making comparisons on a year-over-year basis with a view to taking the best measures for improvement and growth.

Our Experience

We provide services to small, medium-sized and big companies in all industries with revenue ranging from several hundred thousand to close to 100 million BGN, including manufacturing, commercial and service companies.

Our customer base includes many non-governmental organizations. We provide services to companies which operate directly on various markets and we are perfectly competent to cope with the complicated taxation systems of different coun-tries.

We have vast experience in the domestic and international online commerce. We prepare all the specific financial statements and consolidation packages in accord-ance with the IFRS or US GAAP for companies which belong to international groups based in Europe or in the United States.

We prepare quarterly and annual consolidated statements in compliance with the IFRS for foreign and Bulgarian groups of companies with their head offices in Bulgaria.

We provide the service with equal ease using our in-house accounting software or the ERP systems of our clients.

Our clients include:

HIPPOLAND, Decathlon, Forever 21, Coface, Ferratum, Soufflet Group, Turkish Airlines, Of-ficeMarket, TeleStar, TANGRA, Golden Rose, Dynaphos, Together in Class Foundation

The Price

The monthly price of the services ranges from several hundred for small companies to several thousand BGN for big corporate clients, depending on the volume, complexity, and scope of the relevant service.


Our team