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The accounting practice of Kreston BulMar – Head Office is strongly oriented towards providing financial and management accounting based on the needs of our clients.

Everybody using our accounting services receives a monthly financial report on the overall state of its business in the previous month as well as cumulatively from the beginning of the year, including current profit or loss, income and costs based on pre-defined indicators, receivables from and payables to counterparts, and all other assets, liabilities and accounts.

When making a commitment for the provision of accounting services and after each annual closing of accounts, we prepare a detailed historical financial analysis for all of our clients to enable them to plan and implement the necessary measures for achieving better financial results in the new and subsequent years compared with themselves and with their competitors.

In our role of business consultants who are building on reliable financial information, we have always been available to our clients in meeting their strategic planning needs, setting development and growth objectives, defining key indicators for measuring results, and answering the questions why the objectives were or were not achieved.

In the accounting services we provide, we have vast experience in:
• servicing production, technological and innovative companies – from their start-up, through attracting strategic investors to transforming them into international actors;
• servicing companies which deliver to different markets with resulting complexities in the taxation in different jurisdictions;
• providing the service of Chief Accountant, Financial and Business Consultant for medium- and large-sized companies, including groups of companies with tens and hundreds of millions in turnover, with huge staffs, with complex consolidations, structures and relationships in the companies, whose activities are often managed by modern and integrated IT systems of the ERP type;
• servicing foreign-owned companies and preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual specific reportings for the purposes of consolidation of parent companies based in Europe and in the United States, in accordance with IFRS and US GAAP.

We provide 100% compliance with GDPR and the Personal Data Protection Act.

Beside the strong team of experts in accounting services, the Head Office of Kreston BulMar has excellent lawyers, tax experts, auditors, financial and business consultants who have worked as a team for years and are extremely effective in finding business solutions that require simultaneously accounting, tax, financial, legal and business perspectives and expertise.



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Accounting services

Accounting services



Accounting services

Retail shop

from 250 BGN

Accounting services

Grocery shop

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Accounting services

Wholesale store

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Micro company or workshop

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Accounting services

Small company or workshop

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Micro consulting company

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Small consulting company

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Accounting services

Small IT business

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Medium-sized IT business

from 350 BGN

Pharmacy / drugstore

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Bar, club, café or pastry shop

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Accounting services

Small restaurant

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Medium-sized restaurant

from 730 BGN


from 380 BGN

Travel agency

from 550 BGN

Medical centre

from 550 BGN

Franchise Petrol Station

from 240 BGN


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