Stara Zagora

The accounting practice of "KrestonBulmar - Stara Zagora" Ltd. is based on Accounting firm with 20 years of experience in the field of accounting services and consultations on tax and social security legislation. Our clients are companies with main business of wholesale and retail trade, transport, engineering, catering, health services and others.

We have experience in preparing specific periodic and annual reports of foreign owned companies for the purposes of operational management and accountability, as well as for the needs of consolidation by parent companies.

We have experience in working with foreign companies when registering a business location and an installation site with a corresponding VAT registration and accountability.

For each client, taking into account the individuality of its subject of activity and the organization of the production process, we build the structure of accounting, with relevant analytics. Our main goal is to build a structure that will maximally assist the decision-maker's.

Main services

  • Accounting services
  • Payroll Services
  • Tax Advisory

Other services via Head Office



Naycho Tsanov str. 172

(02) 8 12 06

Accounting services

Accounting services

Retail shop

from 150 BGN

Accounting services

Grocery shop

from 200 BGN

Accounting services

Wholesale store

from 200 BGN

Micro company or workshop

from 50 BGN

Accounting services

Small company or workshop

from 75 BGN

Micro consulting company

from 120 BGN

Small consulting company

from 200 BGN

Accounting services

Small IT business

from 200 BGN

Medium-sized IT business

from 300 BGN

Pharmacy / drugstore

from 240 BGN

Bar, club, café or pastry shop

from 240 BGN

Accounting services

Small restaurant

from 240 BGN

Medium-sized restaurant

from 480 BGN


from 250 BGN

Travel agency

from 240 BGN

Medical centre

from 250 BGN

Franchise Petrol Station

from 240 BGN



Ge. Stoletov str. 72, ent.0, floor 1, app.1

Contact person
Sabimir Stoyanov - managing partner
0887 277 580; (042) 624 508

Information for Stara Zagora

Stara Zagora is a city in Bulgaria, a nationally important economic center. Located in Southern Bulgaria, it is the administrative capital of the homonymous Stara Zagora Province.

According to Operative Program Regional Development of Bulgaria, the agglomeration of Stara Zagora is the fifth largest in Bulgaria and has a population of 213,444 inhabitants.

Stara Zagora is known as the city of straight streets, linden trees, and poets.