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The accounting practice of Kreston BulMar Veliko Tarnovo was founded in 1998. We are specialized in providing full accounting services to micro, small, medium and large companies dealing with services, trade and production that operate both in Bulgaria and in foreign markets.

We have tremendous experience in servicing companies that deliver to different markets with the resulting complicated taxation in different jurisdictions.

We are highly profiled in the performance of the Chief Accountant service for medium and large companies, incl. And groups of companies with tens and hundreds of millions of turnover, with huge staff, with complex consolidation, structure and relationships within the companies themselves, whose operations are most often managed by complex information systems - ERP.

We have a long-standing experience in servicing foreign-owned companies and in producing monthly, quarterly, and annual specific reports for the consolidation of parent companies based in Europe and the US under IFRS and US GAAP.

By working with the understanding that financial statements are the true face of a company for its customers, suppliers, partners, creditors and owners, we are committed to helping our customers and doing our utmost to present their financial status in the best possible way, according to applicable accounting standards So that they can maintain the highest possible level of self-confidence that facilitates their business and growth.

For each of our clients, we strive to structure and organize its accounting so that it can receive reliable and understandable financial information in a timely manner so that it can take timely and good management decisions for the more successful development of its business.

In addition to a strong accounting team, Kreston BulMar Veliko Tarnovo has excellent accountants, tax experts, financial and business consultants who have worked together for years and are extremely effective in finding any business solutions that require both accounting, tax, financial, Legal and business point of view and expertise.

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