Seminar Bulmar Academy: Work Experience, Cumulative Working hours calculation and Intra-Community Trade

In the first panel of the seminar, Nikolay Ivanov, Affiliate Accountant at Kreston BulMar, presented information on documentation, certification and retention of service.

In the second panel of the seminar, Georgi Dimitrov, Payroll Management Managing Partner at Kreston BulMar, explained how to introduce Summarized Calculation of Working Time (SIRV), calculation and allocation of working hours and breaks, recalculation of night hours in daily and calculation of internship.

In the third panel of the seminar, Alexander Boyadzhiev, Managing Partner Accounting Services at Kreston BulMar, explained issues related to the topic Intra-Community trade, import and export of goods under the VAT Act In the last part of the seminar, as usual, Kreston BulMar's experts answered questions.

The seminar can also be viewed online at the online  Accounting Seminars.


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