For third consecutive year Kreston BulMar awarded students of economics in Dryanovo

For the third consecutive year, "Kreston BulMar" Ltd. distributed awards to the winners of the internal round of the Accounting Olympics at "Racho Stoyanov" High School, - Dryanovo.

Once again, the awards were solid and motivating for all participants. HP laptop for the winner, Sony camera for its runner-up, TurboX MP4 for the third place and MP3s for the fourth, fifth and sixth in the standings.

The ranking is as follows: 1. Nadezhda Garbova; 2. Stilian Ignatov; 3. Adelina Stefanova; 4. Anita Danailova; 5. Polina Koleva and 6. Milena Tsvyatkova.

The solid prize fund stimulated the internal competition in the school and last year's winner of the domestic circuit Planimir Mihov took the prestigious third place in the finals of the Accounting Olympics, which until now was a dream for the graduates of "Racho Stoyanov" High School.

The expectations for Nadezhda Garbova's performance in the final round of the Accounting Olympics are even greater because last year she has showed very high results in the inner circle, placing her close to Planimir Mihov.

As in the previous two years, the winner Nadejda Garbova will stay for a week at Creston BulMar at the expense of the company, where she will continue her preparations for the finals of the Accounting Olympics, which this year will be held in April in Varna.

Also by tradition, all participants in the domestic round of the Accounting Olympics will make a one-day study trip to Kreston BulMar and will get acquainted with the way of work of an international and modern consulting company.


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