BulMar Academy seminar: accounting for long-term intangible assets, termination of a labour contract, reporting of investment property

In the first panel of the seminar Dimitar Pashov, Managing Partner of Accounting Service at Kreston BulMar, presented information on the methods of accounting for long-term intangible assets and works of art.

In the second panel of the seminar, Nina Stoeva, Kreston BulMar Attorney at Law, explained how to terminate an employment relationship at the initiative of the employer - redundancies and dismissals.

In the third panel of the seminar, Nedyalka Kufarova, Accountant at Kreston BulMar, explained the topics "How to recognize investment property, initial recognition of investment property", "Subsequent and key tax information needed to conduct such transactions". In the last part of the seminar, as usual, Kreston BulMar's experts answered questions.

The seminar can be viewed online at the Accounting Seminars site.


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